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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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just two more times you see we are wearing the colors. good morning i'mer rim thomas. and i'm kristen sze. maybe grey clouds the big story is the thunderstorms moving out to sea. looking at live doppler, good morning. let's get you up-to-date. the thicker more impressive radar returns over the ocean still getting arching their way back across the peninsula into the higher terrain just to the west of saratoga,
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los gatos and cupertino this will head up page mill road at about 30 miles per hour with very, very light sprinkles. 12/100 at mountain view overnight. 1/100 officially at redwood city tweets said it was coming didn't heavily during the evening hours. half moon bay barely on the edge of this system as it moves away from you to the northwest at 35 miles per hour. looks like we are going to keep a stray chance of a shower in the forecast at the coast mainly cloudy around the bay. chance of stray shower especially south during the 4:00 to 7:00 hour. inland stray shower possible mainly down to the south especially around the diablo range mount hamilton. coast stray shower quieter noon showers return by 4:00 through 7:00. good morning. luckily, looks like the roads are dry this morning. as i stand in front of the bay bridge toll you can see
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metering lights just turned on westbound past t.i. motorcycle down, accident there slow approaching the tunnel and island. southbound golden gate bridge looking good, fog-free dry roads out of the waldo tunnel no delays here earlier roadwork picked up. north 101 past old oakland had an accident on the right shoulder little slowing past the scene, 45 miles an hour there. good news through gilroy north 101 highway 25, that accident is cleared from the roadway. >> 6:02. alameda county firefighters keeping watch at this hour over a four alarm fire at a strip mall in union city. that fire erupted after 1:00 this morning. quickly it went to four alarms. firefighters had to pull back before the roof collapsed. at least 10 businesses were damaged. people at a nearby apartment
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complex had to be evacuated they've been let back into their hopes. you see one of the aerial units still spraying water. now there was a firefighter injured he suffered a cut on his hand while battling the blaze. no other injuries reported. full report live from the scene. amy hollyfield is there we'll see her in the next half hour. we have new video of a huge building fire in southern california. this happened late last night in the echo park neighborhood in los angeles. more than 100 firefighters responded. part of the roof collapsed there forcing firefighters to retreat and some of them suffered minor injuries. crews got the upper hand on the flames after 11:30 last night, no word on the cause. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on-the-job despite his conviction in a domestic violence case involving his wife. seven out of 11 supervisors
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voted to upheld the ethics commission finding of official misconduct and remove mirkarimi from office but that was not enough his removal would have required nine votes. he said they look forward to getting their lives back together. katie marzullo will have reaction from all sides in the next half hour way hopes for another bay bridge world series between a's and giants live on. both teams set to play again today after staving off elimination in their series. terry mcsweeney is live at the coliseum with the fan frenzy. it was looking bleak but they hung on. >> reporter: they did hang on. tigers came to town with brahms out hoping for a sweep of the a's. fans and team took those brooms broke 'em overtheir knee and put it where the sun don't shine referring to a recycling bin, i don't know what you were thinking.
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>> reporter: they were screaming, crisp going over the center field wall to steal a homerun away from the tigers. in the 2-0 game that's critical. 9th inning drama, fielder to the plate, potential tying run. no, double play wipes that out. that's the tigers. a's live to fight another day. still alive and the fans are going wild. >> reporter: giants still alive, 10th in of a 1-1 game, posey scores, giants go romo
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gets the win. giants play again today, zito former oakland a on the mound for the giants today. incase you are upset about this red tie kristen sze was upset. this was a mistake you make at 2:00 in the morning. that's my story. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> it is so dark at that time we totally forgive you. >> you stick to that story buddy. we want to see your post-season pride e-mail photos like this one to ureport. or share them with us at news or on twitter. we'll be showing some of those photos on air, through the playoffs. send them in! teenager suffered life-threatening stab wounds after violent fight in san francisco's mission
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district. police found 17-year-old girl on the corner of 21st and valencia after 7:00 last night she was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed several times in the torso. police still looking for the attacker. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside, mike tracking thunder and lightning to hit overnight. which areas in the bay area will see them next? we'll check in with sue to see if traffic is impacted. also, big boxed retailer gets downsized, new target store opening today in san francisco and the special way it i
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welcome back. you can see consistent radar returns over the same area over the last three hours mainly starting in the south bay rolling up the higher elevation along the peninsula, exiting out over moss beach and half moon bay into the ocean. my concern for later today, this batch of thunderstorms going to continue to rotate in a counterclockwise fashion through salinas, monterey bay into the south bay. best chance of thunderstorms down there as we head into the afternoon. 60s and 70s unsettled continues thursday, friday before warming and
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drying forecast saturday and sunday. problem bay bridge motorcycle down treasure island lane two metering lights on traffic just jammed bumper-to-bumper on the bay bridge what it is going to be. carpool lanes whizing through nicely. bart would be a good alternative. north 85 ram top northbound 17 in san jose accident there. -- bart on time capital corridor train cancelled 5:20, 5:22 will be the next train to take. this morning san francisco's first target store will open. mayor lee helped celebrate the new store last night it is called city target and takes up the entire second floor of the metreon building. it is different from other target stores it won't sell bulky items. city target is tailored to urban customers with small living spaces it will open at
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7 a.m. to cater to customers who want to shop before going to work. just in time for the holidays, bay area shoppers will get same-day delivery online with wal-mart. customers will be able to order select toys, sports equipment and electronics for delivery charge of $10. orders must have be placed before noon and you will be allowed to select a four hour window to have the items delivered. we have the massive recall just announced by toyota >> you have heard of counterfeit money, watches, purses. what about air bags. new safety warning about to go out. this morning ann romney is taking a turn as
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live from our roof cam some clouds still hanging around the bay area some still active doppler showing returns best in the higher elevations around the peninsula even out over the coast where the storms are headed now. another chance of those showers today, tomorrow and friday in the forecast. the number of u.s. deaths is growing. the cdc says 2.5 million died in the u.s. last year, 45,000 more than in 2010. demographers say the increase is not surprising because the population is getting older deaths can jump up or down from year-to-year depending on several factors, including the flu season. new poll shows most voters oppose cuts to big bird and his pbs friends. the poll finds 55% of likely
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voters oppose cuts to public television. 30 favre% support cuts. issue came to light last week when mitt romney -- promised to cut funds for pbs. obama campaign released parody ad yesterday. the parent company of sesame street has asked that ad be pulled. mitt romney's wife ann has been booked as guest host on "good morning america" this morning. she is filling in for robin who is on extended medical leave. ann will be sharing recipes from the romney household. >> i have a cooking emergency. the grill is too hot. i'm here, i'm making welsh cakes. my grandmother taught me how to make them. i'm teaching my grandchildren. >> you can catch ann romney on "good morning america" following our newscast at 7:00. abc news in discussions with first lady michelle obama for a similar guest appearance
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when her schedule allows. i wish they could have another bake-off they had a contest each submitted their recipe and michelle obama's chock right chip cookies beat out ann romney's m & m treats. >> this is the way it looked last knight over the peninsula for almost an hour as one storm rolled through we had several more move through while were you sleeping overnight. yeah, it has been a very interesting last 6 to 8 hours. six strikes from our camera on the south bay bureau, i've seen five or six obvious the last couple of. -- six over the last couple of hours. let's take a look what the is going on as far as our tam cam dark out there, what the clouds doing? we can see one shower near
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alpine road, portola valley could be near new four to five minutes. hey hay about half hour or so you could have a few sprinkles. as far as what is going on, you can see storms are rotating still out to the northwest, lightning less prevalent, radar returns less prevalent, i think like yesterday, we are going to get a lull during the morning into the mid-afternoon then heating of the day will destabilize the atmosphere and more storms this afternoon. if you are stepping out dress for four -- 45 napa, everybody else in the 50s monterey bay mid to upper 50s. unsettled today another small chance thursday and friday dry and warmer this weekend into next week. area of low pressure counterclockwise flow even though the parent low is south you get smaller rotations in the atmosphere that hook-up with the instability and
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create the showers and possible thunderstorms. they will be moving from the south. 7:00 quiet by noon, then sit storms develop rotate up towards the south bay during the latter parts of the afternoon into the early evening dissipate quickly overnight. this is cool, 6:00 tomorrow evening snow down to 8,000 feet in the sierra especially farther south towards yosemite. today like yesterday low 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s bay upper 60s to mid 70s inland. temperatures remain steady thursday into friday. you can see saturday, drier and then sunday, monday and tuesday, away from the coast temperatures could be a little warmer than average. not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these people are taking the
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chance. you can enter too go to news chick -- click the win $49,000 button that will take to you this page where you can fill out the entry form. we'll announce the winner october 18th. big jam-up at the bay bridge traffic stopped behind the toll. the reason, motorcycle accident on the incline section two left lanes traffic backed through the maze on to 80 and 580, major delays at the bay bridge. here is the incline section crawling towards the scene. you can see emergency crews. again, big delays at the bay bridge this morning. north 87 in san jose moving nicely past the hp pavillion. i wanted to show you the waze app, what is going on here, this is the ramp between north 17 to north 85, accident blocking ramp as you can see by a traffic spotter if would
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you like to get in waze app it is free get all the information at waze. toyota recalling more than seven million cars worldwide because of a power window glitch. the company may the announcement a few hours ago. the recall affects more than two million cars in the united states, including the yaris, corolla, matrix, camry and rav 4. all made between 2005 and 2010. no accidents or injuries have been reported. if you think you are safe because your car has an air bag, new warning you need to know about. officials say the government has alerted them thousands of car owners may be driving vehicles with counterfeit air bags that don't meet standards and may not inflate in a crash. no specific models have been named. government will make the formal announcement today and ask people to check a website or call their dealer to see if their model is affected. if you bought a new car
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this year, there's a good chance it is either white or silver new numbers show 22% of cars made this year have white paint making it the most popular color worldwide silver close second with 20%, black, grey, red round out top five. the numbers are skewed, a large percentage of pick-ups 10 to be white because business owners use them as work trucks. 6:22. the peanuts are coming back. from politics to fitness. new book former vice presidential candidate sarah palin is getting ready to release.
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good morning. major jam-up on bay bridge westbound crews snaking through traffic motorcycle accident two left lanes blocked. there it is stopped there. westbound on the incline two let lanes block the bay bridge major delays. we will continue to follow that. former vice presidential candidate sarah palin is
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getting ready to write a new book. instead of politics this time she is taking on fitness. she tells people magazine the book will focus on how families can get energy and balance while eating homemade comfort foods. she is known to serve chocolate cream pie and moose chili. peanuts are coming back. charles schulz's son and grandson are writing and producing a new feature film. that movie set to be released november 25th, 2015 that year marks the 65th anniversary of the first peanuts comic strip. the film doesn't have a name yet, no word as to the plot. charles schulz of course lived in santa rosa. general motors will have more -- "good morning america" will have more coming up. another bay area professor is the newest recipient of a
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nobel prize. research leading to the prestigious honor. san francisco supervisors hold late night vote to put suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi back on-the-job. the critical response from the mayor. >> reporter: strip mall fire overnight destroyed several businesses leaving some owners wondering what to do next. i'm amy hollyfield, the story coming up. good morning. following your commute this morning, bay bridge toll bumper-to-bumper accident on the incline section motorcycle down, two left lanes blocked. we will keep following this for you when we continue after
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good morning wednesday october 10th, 6:30 a.m.. you are looking live towards the bay bridge, embarcadero scattered clouds up there, yes we did have lightning and bate of thunder overnight. >> -- and a bit of thunder overnight. up close we have a big jam sue hall will get to that. right now the thunderstorms that moved in. >> where are they now? >> good question. good morning. you can see moving up skyline boulevard pulling out towards pescadero, half moon bay, moss beach that area going to get with light rain. these are going to continue rotating northwest at 35 miles per hour. bay cloudy through the morning stray shower will develop around 4:00, mid to upper 60s
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best chance of that will be around the south bay and points south. inland valleys, fairly quiet 40s and 50s now stray shower possible most likely south of 580 in the diablo range around mount hamilton. at the coast closest to that area of low pressure stray shower possible through 7:00 quiet noon more showers during the afternoon hours as you reach the low 60s. let's get -- get a check on traffic. incline section crawling scene of accident incline near treasure island motorcycle down two left lanes blocked, i saw an ambulance trying to get to the scene, expect major delays, toll plaza backed into the macarthur maze on to 80, 580 and 88 omagh injure delays i would recommend bart if you can. i'm guessing the san mateo bridge is also going to be jammed we'll check that in a minute. san jose north 85 connector to
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seven teen waze app showing moderate traffic -- getting through you can download this free app shows alternate routes, we'll continue to check back. we are following developing news from union city, overnight fire destroyed a strip mall and left one firefighter injured. amy hollyfield joins us live with a look at incredible flames. >> reporter: before i show you the flames let me show you the scene behind me. the roof is gone. -- they are still putting water on this morning, just this case want to make sure this fire is out there are a lot of heartbroken small business owners in union city this morning many now take a look at what the fire looked like it was huge. firefighters say hit a good head start on them. when they got inside they realized there was fire above
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their heads they thought we gotta get out of here, just in time, the roof then collapsed. it took an hour and a half get the fire out they believe there's fire, smoke and water damage to about 10 businesses. of course, it had business owners wondering, what is next? >> i don't know, because i don't have any answer. but i'm upset now many i'm so feel bad what is going on. any way, hope that god helps me. >> reporter: here's a look inside of one of the burned out buildings, mangled mess of someone's livelihood now destroy. some of the small businesses include a video store, nail salon, a restaurant there in the corner where it looks like the fire started. at this point firefighters don't know why this fire started. they may be able to open up some of these businesses here they did save a good chunk of
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the strip mall. others have a long road of repair head. the strip mall is at alvarado and dire in union city, this call came in after 1:00 this morning. the fire scared some people living behind the strip mall they were in an apartment bidding, firefighters evacuated them as a precaution. everyone is okay, that building is fine. that i been allowed to go back home. no idea what caused the fire. they are going to look into that once the sun comes up. one firefighter cut his hand on some glass on his way in. he received some stitches, he's going to be okay. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you. in contra costa county, industrial business yard caught fire this morning. new video into the newsroom shows wood pallets burning. the fire department says there was lightning in the area before the fire broke out. they are not sure if that
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sparked the blaze. stanford scientist the recipient of this year's nobel prize in chemistry many brian kabilka is sharing the 1.2 million dollar prize with robert lefkowitz of duke university. the two were selected for ground breaking discovery about proteins that let body respond to signals from the outside. we are expecting to hear from kabilka during a 10 a.m. news conference this morning at stanford. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be back on-the-job this morning after a late night vote at city hall. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with reaction to this decision. >> reporter: sheriff mirkarimi says he will talk with sherry department officials this morning about transitioning back to being in charge. his attorney says the sheriff is automatically reinstated and he's entitled to six months of back pay. the board of supervisors heard testimony and public comment
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for hours last night. they to decide whether to uphold the ethics' commission ruling that the sheriff committed official misconduct when he bruised his wife's arm in argument. nine votes were needed to oust him only seven voted that way. after the victory the sheriff and his wife talked about getting back to normal. >> i look forward to demonstrating why the people elected me as sheriff. and look forward for me and my family to move in a place where we hopefully, will keep normalcy again. >> as a family we need our normal lie back. because, to put a family through this is not the right way to deal with domestic violence. >> reporter: there were several supporters with the sheriff and his wife last night some chanting madame sheriff. apparently in support of eliana lopez. mayor lee was the driving force behind removing the sherr from office. sheriff mirkarimi told abc7 news last night hopes
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they can mend fences. katie marzullo, abc7 news. following the vote, mayor lee issued a statement about the board's decision: i strongly disagree with the action taken by the supervisors. he goes on to say the board's decision returns a convicted domestic bat remember to lead the sheriff's office -- batterer to lead the sheriff's office. bay bridge delays head san francisco, after major accident. traffic and weather together next on the abc7 morning news. ly look outside right now, bay bridge -- update on that many canning up and meteorologist an mike nicco will have an update on your forecast. occupy oakland celebrating first anniversary today, the
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live look from mount tamalpais mid and upper level clouds blow off from showers that moved through overnight still have one along skyline boulevard near west ridge alpine road this going to continue rotating near half moon bay expect more sprinkles over the next 10 to 15 minutes. more showers in the forecast today, tomorrow, friday. first traffic. big major back-up at the bay bridge toll. injury accident motorcycle down, big rig involved two left lanes incline stopped behind the toll plaza. check this out, back-up on 80 as you are traveling westbound, 580 jammed past 24. 880 coming in. this is affecting entire about cute. bart would be the best way coming into san francisco normally travel the bay bridge check out bart, muni on time,
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caltrain on time. we'll check the san mateo bridge that will be taking a lot of this fallout. :four -- this morning the u.s. supreme court will consider big's firmive action case in a decade justices will hear arguments on issue of using racial preferences in college admissions the case was brought by abigail fisher a 22-year-old white woman who claim the university of texas chose not to admit her because of race the university says using race as a factor is the only way to keep a diverse student body. today is the first anniversary of the occupy oakland movement. officials are warning business owners to be prepared. the anniversary three days after vandals roamed through downtown smashing storefronts and spray painting windows, they damaged city hall offices and parked cars. organizers say they are holding a peaceful birthday party. we are continuing to follow a back-up on the bay
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bridge. sue will have another update next. home field advantage help a's stay life. preview of tonight'
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welcome back. live doppler 7 hd showing activity around the santa cruz mountains towards the peninsula coast due to area of low pressure that did sink south you can see how active it is over the ocean with counterclockwise flow it is going to hurl showers and thunderstorms best chance this evening. from big sur south storm there is possible isolated storm or two in the sierra 61 tahoe, 71
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yosemite, mid 70s central valley down to l.a. and san diego. big problems at the bay bridge. traffic backed up beyond the west grand overcrossing well through the macarthur maze on to 80, 880, 580, injury accident on the klein crews trying to clear it out of lanes -- on the incline crews trying to clear it out of lanes. bart would be your alternative. major days, bart and san mateo bridge starting to bunch up that would be another alternate into the destination in sutro tower. quite -- in san francisco. >> quite a back-up. once you get past the incline section it moves along. giants and a's came through in must-win games. a's took on tigers in oakland. smith crushes solo homer in
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the fifth to put a's ahead 2-0. balfour came in to close things out in the 9th, fielder ground double play a's survive still have to win game four tonight. >> in cincinnati must-win for giants who eked out extra inning victory against the reds last night. grounder to the -- [ unintelligible ] if you are looking for a job in retail don't be discouraged if all you can find is parttime work. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. damaging headlines about facebook today this has do
6:47 am
with information that facebook was hoping to keep some investors leading up to the ipo. in february it played out supposed effectiveness of ad linked to customers, friends and research from nielsen. the research was from facebook's own marketing materials. under pressure facebook withdrew that data. drama over how investors would value facebook went on behind the scenes for a long time. share down 3%. around $19.60. shares of wells fargo moving, taking a hit on the government's announcement it was suing for making reckless loans that caused government program to back them and lose money. lower start to -- [ unintelligible ]
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if you are look for fulltime work parttime opportunity could be the get. -- [ unintelligible ] . still continuing problems leading to the upper deck of the bay bridge. sue will have that momentarily. interesting active weather this morning mike. >> tracking for today, possibly tomorrow and again friday unsettled pattern will linger. good morning vollmer peak clouds hanging around the bay. these aren't the thicker clouds dropping sprinkles those are on live doppler near the coast just between pescadero and half moon bay bay, near alpine road, skyline
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boulevard, that's the area that has seen the latest in the sprinkles moving constantly through this area from southeast to north wet during the other night hours. a few more developing over the higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains will continue rotating northwest. will continue for the next couple of hours. 48 santa rosa, 45 napa everybody else 50s, mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. scattered showers best chance south and farther south past the monterey bay traveling that way during the afternoon. another chance, small but in there thursday and friday. pattern will become more tranquil, warmer, quieter through the weekend. area of low pressure sinking south while were you sleeping counter clockwise flow picking up moisture and instability over the ocean pushing some of those storms at us, you can see through 8:00, hanging around then they will dissipate and afternoon
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sunshine will irritate the atmosphere enough to destabilize storms develop south of the monterey noon push-up towards the north bay into the afternoon and evening hours we could see lightning and hear thunder once again they dissipate overnight towards thursday sierra snow above 8,000 feet. that is tomorrow. temperatures stay low 60s coast mid to upper 60s bay upper 60s to mid 70s inland within a few degrees of today's for tomorrow and friday quieter and warmer sunday 80s inland sunday through tuesday mid to upper 70s bay mid to upper 60s coast. big problem spot bay bridge toll earlier injury accident on the incline section two left lanes blocked still trying to get that out, major delays behind the toll plaza backed through the maze on 80 backing towards berkeley
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now 580 past 24880 slow into the oakland area avoid the bay bridge now if you can bart running on time looking good, would be a great alternate. caltrain also coming up from the peninsula good bet. waze app showing accident south 680 throughout dublin corridor i should say san ramon valley corridor slow from before stone hill stone valley road the scene of the accident southbound 680 again, jammed from 24. download your free application. what is trending on twitter in the bay area: hash tag reds giants in cincinnati to plate reds tonight. acl houston texas linebacker curbing is out for the season with -- shing is out for the season with a torn left knee
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ligament. :52. ahead few things you need to know before you go, including the overnight fire. abc7 morning
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good morning. you are looking live at san francisco, cloud cover back there, we did have lightning overnight. what are we going to have this morning? we'll find out. bay bridge troubles, accident causing huge back-up sue has been covering that. >> we hand things off in a few minutes to "good morning america." here are five things to know before you go: number one, almost a dozen businesses damaged following early morning strip mall fire in union city.
6:54 am
the blaze caused a rolf to -- a roof to collapse. 50 were evacuated from an apartment complex one firefighter cut his hand but should be fine. >> number two, ross mirkarimi will be reinstated as san francisco's sheriff emerged victoriously last night following a marathon board of supervisors' meeting seven of the 11 voted to remove him from office it took nine for that to happen. following mirkarimi's getty plea. number three, excitement if the air this morning, a's and giants staying alive in post-season a's taking game three at hope against tigers. -- at home against the tigers tonight game four. giants survive for another day of their playoff series beat the reds in cincinnati 2-1 last night in 10 innings giants play again this afternoon, 1:00 our time. >> number five, brian kabilka from stanford school of medicine and robert lefkowitz of duke university have won
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the 2012 nobel prize in chemistry. sue has been telling us find an alternate, there's a big back-up on the bay bridge she will tell you the details coming up. what about escaping the lightning or sprinkles, mike? lightning just about over. we still have sprinkles, mainly higher elevations around the santa cruz mountains as the mountains are naturally lifting the air as it rotates from the valleys to the southeast into the mountains they pull off to the coast right now around camden avenue from around the park towards los gatos and campbell forwards saratoga on 85 prospect road where we are seeing a little bit of sprinkles now on 17 also out of the santa cruz mountains and dive into the santa clara valley. all rolling northwest, looks like we'll continue to have shower chances through 8:00. then they will dissipate and return this afternoon
6:56 am
especially near the coast the san mateo county coast and also the south bay partly sunny inland. good news for bay bridge, that accident injury accident before treasure island on the incline just cleared. however, you can see damage is done, major back-up through the maze. if you are coming from 80, 580, 880 all approaches are jammed. bart still an excellent alternative on time. san mateo bridge great alternative that is running on time. i shouldn't say on time, just looks like it is at the limit across the span maybe a little slowing not nearly as bad as the bay bridge. avoid the bay bridge if you can. huge delays there behind the toll, injury accident just cleared out of lanes. we are going to show you the waze app, 680 through san ramon valley has an accident before stone valley road, very slow there. just to get around all these
6:57 am
jams download this free app at it is an excellent tool to avoid back-ups and get your alternates. saw that shot of 80, really backed up. >> that is going to do it for now. during "good morning america" we'll have live updates to continue follow the jam up.
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